4 Tips for the Fall and Winter Seasons



1. Wash your hands

We may forget this simple thing if we are in a hurry to take a bite of that delicious sandwich at lunch time. But wait…. didn’t you touch the door on the way out of the office and that elevator button just a minute ago? You did hear a few people around the office chiming in here and there with coughs this morning. Well then, don’t you dare touch that sandwich until you use some hand sanitizer or scrub those hands with soap and water!

2 .  Get enough sleep

Sleep definitely has its benefits. Not only do you wake up with more energy, but sleep helps the body regenerate cells that help keep your immune system running properly. It’s like charging your computer or your cell phone at the end of the day. You wouldn’t forget or make sure to have them charged overnight. So treat yourself as well as you do your electronic devices. Don’t they run significantly better when they are fully charged?

3.   Drink plenty of water

Sure, soda may have some water in it, but really, it’s more like 90% sugar and 10% water. Coffee has water, but the caffeine basically cancels out the point of you drinking water in the first place due to its diuretic properties. Stick to real, 100% H2O. It’s actually more refreshing and good for your body than any of those Lemon-Lime sodas that are on the market. If you do like the Lemon-Lime flavor, just add a few slices of lemon or lime and even a slice of cucumber to give it a little flavor. Spa water gains more popularity these days, since it’s got flavor without any of the added sugar or corn syrup.

4.  If you end up not feeling well, don’t be afraid to call in sick.

If you stay home for at least one day at the first sign of symptoms, and do the above, you are more likely to recuperate faster than if you were to force yourself to go to work for the next 4 days. Plus, you may possibly infect other people at work, leading to a less productive work week not only for yourself, but for the rest of the office. Take one for your team, and call in sick so that others can stay well. You’ll know you’ve got a great manager, if they understand.


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