Antibiotic Stewardship Journey


I just want to share this Antibiotic Stewardship journey as a Family Nurse Practitioner with the rest of you readers who are interested (i.e. nurses, NPs, general practitioners, etc.).

EZC Pak is such a fantastic idea. It’s the first physician formulated 5-day immune support pack, designed to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing. I will tell you that I have tried to talk to some doctors about their prescribing habits, and let me tell you, the ones who are set in their ways will give a patient an antibiotic even if it’s unnecessary!! Does that sound ridiculous, or what? Well, it is. And these habits need to change.

If you don’t already know, antibiotic resistance is on the upswing. By 2050, the CDC estimates that antibiotic resistance will cause more deaths than cancer! That’s pretty compelling, if you ask me. If that’s not enough to persuade a prescriber to change their ways, I’m not sure what will. I guess you can kindly remind them that antibiotics don’t actually work on viruses?

Two doctors that I used to work for would tell me that they would worry that their patients will go see another doctor if they don’t give them the antibiotic they request. But would they rather have the patient come back to them when they’ve developed drug resistance and none of the antibiotics no longer work for them? They should probably consider what the greater evil would be.

To be continued…

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