Antibiotics Prescribing Due To Patient Pressures



It’s no surprise that doctors are now admitting to giving into patient’s demands at a time that drug resistant infections are on the rise.

This is the very reason the EZC Pak was designed and created. EZC Pak is the first ever physician formulated product specifically designed to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing. Read more. The founder wanted to have something that he could give to his patients instead of just telling them to go home and rest when they have a viral infection. Many doctors are too afraid of upsetting their patients, and give into patient expectations. Thus, antibiotics become frequently written unnecessarily.

In the underserved clinic I used to work at, I would encounter patients who would be shocked I am not sending them home without an antibiotic. Unfortunately, the other providers in my clinic do not want to waste time educating their patients and feel it is much easier just to give them the antibiotic they ask for. These providers think that they are not doing much harm to their patients, but they are wrong. It’s almost like feeding a bad habit. A practitioner would not give alcohol to someone who is already a known alcohol abuser, right? Antibiotics should be no different for that patient who is known to demand antibiotics when they are not necessary.

The Health Professional Toolkit provides a wonderful solution to this practitioner dilemma. It is complete with a few EZC Paks, a special prescription pad, and patient educational tools. With this Toolkit, the practitioner who was once afraid of upsetting their patients can now be brave enough to handle the situation the right way. It would be great to see doctors and providers doing the right thing when it comes to antibiotics, and seeing patients get better.


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