Hello & welcome (me) back, folks!


After a long time of conjuring, I finally decided to start my website again.

I’ve missed writing on this site, but had to take a sabbatical the past year due to newly getting married, then having a pregnant fatigued body, then raising a newborn for the first time in my life.

My newborn is now a few months old, and I am starting to juggle more things on my plate again. Luckily, my sister is around to help!

Going back, just to recap…During wedding planning and my pregnancy, I managed to work as a Family Nurse Practitioner for three different clinics that taught me a lot. I am able to recognize a lot of different diseases, and have better diagnostic skills than ever before. Now, as a new mother, I decided to take time out from working at a busy community clinic to work on an Antibiotic Stewardship project with the EZC Pak. It helps that my boss happens to be my husband. But if I was not a huge supporter of Antibiotic stewardship, I would not take the job anyway.

Eventually, I hope to continue down the research path to clinical trials in the future, possibly with a prestigious university located close to home. For now, I am practicing as a clinician for volunteer purposes. At the end of this month, I plant to participate in the Anaheim RAM (Remote Area Medical) service, that is supposed to provide FREE healthcare to people with little access to it.  (Sure, we are all supposed to all have access to healthcare now, but in reality, does everyone?? Nope. Why? It still costs something to have insurance. There’s a reason they don’t call it The Free Care Act!)

Anyway, let me go on with why I’m writing again in the first place – The Antibiotic Stewardship project…

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