Texas is the Lonestar State


On October 9th, 2013, nursemelissaanne wrote:

I had the privilege of visiting Texas for the last 5 days, spent touring around with my old roommate from college. We traveled around Dallas, then to San Antonio, and stopped for a short time in Austin.

In Dallas, I saw SMU, viewed the mansions in Highland park, Lady Bird Lake, went to the Arboretum, North Park Mall, Mockingbird center, and visited the 6th floor museum. My friend and I got our nails done at a reasonably priced salon (no drinks included at this one) and went to another place for Reflexology massages too.

In San Antonio, we went to River Park center and saw the Alamo. We ate a TexMex restaurant and I ordered the Steak Rancheros. I must have been really hungry because I finished the entire dish! In the backdrop to the city we saw the Towers of America tower.

In Austin, went inside the Capitol building. The state government is just like a mini federal government. There are two branches to their state government. I entered the House of Representatives Conference rooms and Senate conference rooms.  I was surprised to find that there even was a supreme court and a court of appeals. Various sculptures, paintings, and tapestries. Mr Steven Austin and Mr. Sam Houston were the first and 2nd presidents of the Republic of Texas.

Texas was not what I thought it would be. I expected to see tumbleweed and lots of dust, boots, and cowboy hats but it didn’t really see much of that. I have also heard that people are discriminating and prejudice but I did not really experience that. The only critique I have is that there was not as much ethnic diversity, as compared to California.

Things supposedly are bigger and better here. But the only thing that seemed large were the food portions and people. It also appeared that Texans do drink a sufficient amount of alcohol since nail salons and even movie theaters serve alcoholic beverages.

The symbol of Texas is the Star. The Star was seen just about everywhere and was even more prominent inside the State Capitol. People were very patriotic in Texas. American flags were seen wherever you went!

English: Flag of Dallas, Texas Esperanto: Flag...
English: Flag of Dallas, Texas Esperanto: Flago de la urbo Dallas, en la usona ŝtato Teksaso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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