Trip from Paris to Toulouse

View of the bridge, looking back

On June 8, 2013 nursemelissaanne wrote:

I’m sitting on the Eurorail train to Toulouse. We waited approximately 2 hrs to get on this train. We had a nice Parisian brunch at 11am with Perrier, an espresso coffee for me, French Baguettes filled with tomatoes, spinach, tampenade, and cheese, and an apple tart.  Slightly sprinkling outside, thankfully I brought an umbrella just in case. We left relatively early this morning, about 930am, from our hotel in Paris, to get to the Gare du Nord train station. We wanted to see if my boyfriend and I could switch our train tickets to get seats next to each other. They said it was too late to swap any seats. Now, it’s about 100pm, and I am sitting in Coach 4 while he has a seat in Coach 5. The positive side is that we both have window seating which allows us both to take naps more comfortably as well as get a better view of the French countryside.

At around 830pm we arrive at the Toulouse Montaiban train station, and thankfully, it’s not raining. We embark on our walk down the town’s streets to find our hotel by foot. On the map, I looked at this morning, it didn’t seem too far.  But it takes awhile, and with each meter we gain, we hope to see our hotel peak out from around the corner. Relying only on the directions I had printed out before our trip, one wrong turn could cost us. The streets are all small and seem to web into each other.

We ask a few passers by if they know where the hotel is to only find a response with no real answer. We then come across a sign that has the hotel’s name and points in a direction that my love decides to lead us toward. Unbeknownst to us, the sign was misaligned with the hotel’s actual location.

15 minutes later, we find our way back around to find the building and another surprise greets us when we get there.

The office to the hotel has closed at 900pm. It’s 9:10pm. We see a sign that gives directions on how to contact an emergency dispatcher to retrieve our room key and hurriedly try to call the number using the key pad outside.

Then just when we thought all was lost, a little boy and father punch in a code using the key pad to get into the hotel building and we follow them in. We try to explain our situation to the father and he gives us the universal sign to bang on the office door for assistance.

We try that. No answer. We try on the other side of the office. No answer.

My boyfriend tries using the phone in the lobby, which fails to give a dial tone. He then tries knocking again, banging harder this time. We see a sign attached outside the door and scramble to write down the number to call for hotel emergencies, when suddenly, the door he was using to write on gave way!

A girl stood in the doorway, just as startled to see us. She then asked us for our name. She told us that my boyfriend’s credit card didn’t work for some reason and since she was off the clock, she could not ring us up. Instead, she gave us the keys to our room and told us to come back to pay in the morning.

How fortunate and blessed we were! Thank God it worked out, who knows if she had not been there, we may have had to sleep in the lobby? Or I suppose, find another hotel…

It was 1000pm. Dinner time in Paris. We walked around the neighborhood to find a place to eat. Sarath had pointed out a restaurant right across from our hotel. I wanted to keep searching and get a good look at this city they call Toulouse. After a nice stroll around the block, we came back to our starting point and settled on dining at the restaurant across the street.

It was a Tapas restaurant with a sultry feel and hip tunes. Sarath and I felt comfortable in the environment right away. An added bonus was the complimentary wi-fi. We had both worked up an appetite from our travels and ordered a few items with glasses of wine.

When the food came out, it was tre delisieiur and I felt such an overwhelming feeling of delight. I think Sarath did too as he commented with sounds of “mmm” after each morsel he consumed. We ordered the smoked salmon, the curried potatoes, garlic shrimp, mushroom eggrolls, plus a burger & fries to share. The wine was just as exceptional.

Tired after a day of traveling and a full meal, we contemplated checking out the Cuban bar across the street, but after mulling it over a bit we decided to turn in.

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